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Crime Rate Comparison: Houston Vs. Dallas


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Houston and Dallas Comparative Crime Ratios per 100,000 People

Latest 2006 Crimes per 100,000 People:

Houston, TXDallas, TXNational
Forcible Rape:41.1853.2832.2
Aggravated Assault:561.7584.2336.5
Larceny Theft:3524.64006.42601.7
Vehicle Theft:1017.21116501.5

Actual Reported Population and Crimes:

Houston, TXDallas, TX
Forcible Rape:854665
Aggravated Assault:116487292
Larceny Theft:7309150009
Vehicle Theft:2109313930


  • Formula used for chart: ((Crimes Reported) / (Population)) X 100,000)
  • Chart shown is a statistical comparison of the crime rates per 100,000 people.
  • A blank value in the above data means there is no available data for that crime.
  • Based on the final 2006 FBI Crime Statistics.
  • National arson statistics are not available. Therefore, no arson statistics are used in a comparitive manner.
  • Crime rate results are tabulated using the crime collection area population of each city.
  • Crime collection population may not match US Census data. Population is based on the agencies participating in the reporting.
  • 2007 crime stats will be available October 2008.

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